The Fear of Getting Too Big – Raissa Balduino

The Fear of Getting ‘Too Big’ - Raissa Balduino

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While trying to choose the first subject to write about, I came across a meme that made me chuckle. I shared it with a couple friends and while everyone thought it was quite entertaining, we started talking and remembering how we felt about lifting weights before we started our fitness journey. There is a common misconception that women who lift will get ‘big and masculine’, and it’s just not true.
First things first: even if a girl’s goal is to build big muscles, this doesn’t mean she is less of a woman. How her body looks is her choice, and is not our place to criticise it. More than that: we should be impressed, because ‘getting shredded’ or ‘really lean’ involves a level of commitment and self-control that very few people have.


Now back to the main topic: lifting heavy will not necessarily make a woman big. Even the CrossFit games athletes are not as big as they seem on screen - and you can trust me, I was at the Regionals this year, I’ve seen Annie Thorisdottir 5 meters away from me and except for the fact she can lift 95kg and more above her head, the second she is out of her workout outfit, she looks just like any other girl!
Changing how your body looks will depend mostly on your diet and your objectives:

● Weight loss? Eat less (within reason) and lift heavy.
● Weight gain? Eat more (within reason) and lift heavy.
● Get leaner? Eat right and lift heavy.
● Look just the same? Lift heavy.


All the points above are true, regardless of what type of strength training you do, however there is a catch with CrossFit: by the end of your first month, when you start analysing your workout scores and noticing your weekly improvement, your main goal will stop being about how you look, and it will shift to ‘the things you want to be able to do’. And girls - or guys! - You have no idea how powerful your body can be.


The best part about all this is that by focusing on getting better on your skills, your body will change. How do I know this? Well, there are several articles explaining the science behind what I am saying - and I will link some of them in at the end of this text - but for me, an image is worth a thousand words, so I selected a few photos from the CrossFit Belfast girls. And do they look like big muscled men?


I don’t think so!

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