Remember Why !



What is your why? Why did you start CrossFit? The reason I want you to consider this is because this is often the most important goal we have. Have we achieved it yet or have you been side tracked along the way?

One of the biggest issues I see in CrossFit is that people who sign up to get fitter and healthier and lose some weight, eventually leave all those goals behind to chase the goal of having the best time on the whiteboard, not being better at CrossFit!

You're Probably thinking... 'Well what's wrong with that?'

The problem is that having a sole purpose of 'improving CrossFit performance' and 'being the fastest time in a given class or day' does not necessarily go hand in hand. Yes we want people to work hard and carry intensity through their workouts.... but at what cost?

Does blurring the lines of movement standards to get a faster time, make you fitter? No, it means you didn't perform the movement to the standard that will give you the most benefit.

Does continuing to do kipping pull ups etc. with a shoulder injury make you healthier?  No, of course not, yet people time after time refuse to scale movements in workouts because it somehow makes them feel they aren't working as hard, but we know that's not the case.  Most of the time it's the opposite and we end up working harder because we are restricted by an injury.

Does spending 2 hours in the gym after class or attending all the classes the gym has to offer help lose weight? No, because that's a nutrition and sleep problem not a training problem. For the average person 3 hours of intense training a week will be plenty to achieve your goals. Spend those extra 2-3 hours shopping and preparing healthy nutritious meals to aid performance and boost weight loss and recovery. By all means if you’re on top of your sleep and nutrition and enjoy training, get those extra sessions in.



Was it fitness? Was it health? Was it weight loss or even building muscle and strength?

In my next article I will try and highlight each of these areas above and explain how to best approach your training for it!

Just a little tip for all you performance junkies out there, all of the above applies to you!  The goal should always be move better, eat better, recover better and perform better.

"Stay Fit - Stay Strong - Stay Healthy"

(Comments, questions or thoughts welcome!)

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