Kathy’s Story, 22-07-2015

I was never much of an athlete in school, P.E was far from my favourite subject but as I got older and the puppy fat wasn't so cute, I began to run with my sister.  I also ate less food as I believed to lose weight I had to starve.  I did lose weight but as soon as I began to eat normally again I piled it back on and this was to be the cycle for several years!  I joined the gym when I was around 21 and I was an absolute cardio victim, except the odd circuit class.  As a birthday present my sister got me personal training sessions with Niall McHugh, this was to be the first time I had ever lifted heavy weight.  I enjoyed it and saw the changes to my body, however this was short lived as Niall moved to new premises and the location was not convenient for me with work.  I also have to admit the prospect of CrossFit frightened me as I, like many others thought too much heavy lifting and lifting weights in general would make me "BIG"!  Being so used to copious amounts of cardio and eating very little to maintain a size I felt comfortable with, I thought CrossFit would quite literally turn my body into a MAN'S shape and I spent almost 2 years convincing myself that this was why I wasn't doing it!  However in October of last year I broke my foot.  I was out of training for weeks and when I eventually did get back to the gym I was stuck in a rut, and finding it hard to stick to eating clean (eating nothing).  In the meantime Niall changed business premises to the Boucher Road and my sister had joined CrossFit a few months post-pregnancy and she looked brilliant.  So in March this year I took the plunge and signed myself up for the foundations!  My sister's words were "I don't think you'll look back."  Never a truer word was said as I haven't!  I LOVE CrossFit and everything about it!  Getting up at 5.50am for a workout is easy when it's been pre-planned for you and when a coach as professional and motivating as Niall is training you, along with friends supporting you.  I get a buzz out of the challenges that I experience during my CrossFit sessions and I'm amazed at my ability to overcome these.  Not to forget the social aspect in classes of meeting up with friends engaging in banter about the workout and spurring each other on.  I have also been introduced to my fitness pal by Jenna who explained the science behind food and training to me!  I have lost almost a stone since starting CrossFit and I have body definition within my 4 months of joining, definition that I was working for in the gym for years without seeing progress.  This has been recognised by family and friends who have noticed the positive changes to my body and mind.  This demonstrates to me that by being part of the CrossFit community you can eat well, look well and feel well!  Finally I have found something I can stick with, no over training and no starving!  Like a lot of people I talk too who also CrossFit, the only regret I have is not going sooner!!!  Bring on the GAINS!!!

(10km run time previously 52+ mins... I PB during the Lisburn 10k in June with a time of 48.28!)

Well done Kathy, you're doing great and look well, keep going!

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