CrossFit Mum Julie Trainor, Testimonial 14/07/2015

I have been a member of CrossFit Belfast for almost 6 months and I am actually amazed at the difference it has made to my life already.

I have always had problems with my lower back and pelvis since I had pelvic arthropathy during my pregnancy with my son Joshua who is now five years old.

This is a problem that causes inflammation and pain in the joints in the pelvis and lower back during pregnancy, it was very debilitating and was a long road to recovery.

I would try to keep active with working out at home and carrying out physio exercises as much as I could but the pain was always there and just something I felt I was going to have to put up with for the rest of my life!

My sister encouraged me to join CrossFit and I am so glad I did... six months down the line and I am in complete shock... my back pain is gone... the constant ache and pain has disappeared.

I'm lifting weights... nothing too heavy but I struggled to carry my shopping bags without feeling pain and being sore afterwards so this is massive progress.

I can now give my son a piggy back, lift him and carry him around... This might not seem like much to many but it is amazing to me as its something i've wanted to do without pain for a very long time.

My whole body feels stronger every day and I can see my body shape changing for the better too!

I absolutely love CrossFit, Jenna and Niall give me so much encouragement, they inspire me and others to lead a fitter and better way of life... Thanks Guys!

Julie Trainor, CrossFit Mum 🙂

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Julie Pic                    Julie front squat

Thank You Julie, keep up the great work....!!

Team CFB

Stay Fit
Stay Strong
Stay Healthy

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