Couch to CrossFit!


Couch to CrossFit.

Before we begin it might be good to mention our fitness levels before trying CrossFit. When we started we were not doing any form of exercise other than the occasional 20 minute walk at lunchtime in work. We had tried numerous forms of exercise before; gyms, running programs but we either couldn’t keep up or lost interest after a few months.

A colleague of ours is a CrossFitter and we had looked into it before but the thought of the ‘WODs’ and the specific movements put us off. We had never lifted weights other than in a body pump class we had attempted at the gym.

We got an email in work about a free taster session at CrossFit Belfast and thought it would be a good opportunity to see first-hand what it was all about. After much deliberation and a lot of persuasion we signed up. We went along, and not going to lie, we found it tough but we were still laughing by the end of it so couldn’t have been that bad? lol

After the session we had a chance to get speaking to Jenna about the foundations course, we didn’t think we would keep up with a standard foundation class but she was really supportive and helped put our minds at ease and we signed up for 1-2-1 foundation course.


After completing our ‘extended’ version of foundations, it was time to move on to classes, or it should have been. After watching the classes and how well the other members were moving we didn’t feel we were at the right level to join them. We opted to continue our sessions with Jenna to build on our ability and confidence. We set a few deadlines for joining classes but we still had the fear of not being able to keep up, so our deadlines passed and our sessions continued.

We also took advantage of the nutrition sessions Niall and Jenna provide. This was an eye opener for us, we had followed different types of diets in the past but we’d never focused on the actual macronutrient side before. They’ve been a great help with motivation and even giving some recipes for us to follow. We definitely can feel the difference when we train.

Jenna was always so supportive and encouraging and had a lot more confidence in us than we had in ourselves. She started us doing scaled versions of the workouts from the classes. It helped show us that we actually didn’t struggle to keep up as much as we expected and to our surprise every single movement can be modified so you are working just as hard as the more experienced members. We finally set our deadline and wrote it on the goals board. No going back. May 3rd.

We joined our first class that Tuesday evening and we haven’t looked back. Why didn’t we do this sooner?! All the members are so friendly and supportive, we’ve never been to a gym where cheering each other on and high fives at the end of a work out was the norm. It’s a community in itself and everyone makes you feel welcome and part of the family.

Our advice to anyone thinking about CrossFit is to give it a try, you won’t look back. It isn’t easy by any stretch but you would never have to do anything you aren’t capable of. Having been in a car accident a few years ago, Pamela had been suffering from back problems but CrossFit has helped immensely. We are amazed on a weekly basis at the weight we are lifting or the WOD we just completed. You work hard but the sense of achievement makes it worth it.
If we can do it, ANYONE can!

If you would be interested in starting your CrossFit Journey, join us for our next group foundation course, or feel free to contact us for further info!

Registration Link: CLICK HERE

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