Be true to yourself!

"CrossFit is, we believe, the best example of integrity in action.  In life there are many versions of cheating from big lies to small white lies, from cutting corners in work to not really caring if a task is completed properly and just going through the motions to get it done."

There should be zero pride or gratification from having your name at the top of the whiteboard if you didn't complete the workout with integrity.

You will never see a true reflection of your fitness, performance or progression if you cheat your reps!  When you skip a round or miss one or two reps you are cheating on your box, your friends and most importantly you're cheating on yourself!

If you don't make it below parallel on a squat, you do another rep, when your chin doesn't make it over the bar on that last pull you, you do another pull up.  Judge yourself honestly, hold your head high and know you left everything on the floor with integrity.

The next time you're in the box remember you're standing side by side other people who show up to get the work done.  You are shoulder to shoulder with someone who is passionate about what they do and is willing to practice by the correct principles and be true to themselves.  The person beside you is there to judge themselves honestly, build integrity and leave feelings accomplished.

Count your reps accurately and judge yourself honestly.  Allow yourself to take pride in your final score, no matter what it is.

Be true to CrossFit, be true to your box, but most of all be true to YOURSELF!

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