1. Team Hilbo and Vancers finished 15 rounds and 2 box jumps. We had 65kg for the deadlifts and the 20″ box. I really enjoy this WOD. It was long but we kept our pace consistent which I think is the key to it. If we’d started too fast I’m not sure I could have lasted 30 mins. The good thing about being with Hilary is that rest/fatigue is not an option!! Go team

  2. Yeeeoow! Managed to complete the WOD using a HUGE 16 inch box for the first time, with the invaluable help of my team mate Marta holding my hand the whole way through. Looked a bit pathetic I’m sure but it felt great to tackle my fear of moving on to a higher box. We managed 14 rounds &7 box jumps, which I think is pretty good. Really enjoyed this workout.

  3. Great, tough, long workout. I thought the number of reps per set worked brilliantly for a partner wod. Just enough reps per exercise to allow you to move fast, and be done just before you hit muscle fatigue. Then let the other poor sap have a turn while you pull yourself together. That was a lot of quality work done in 30 minutes.

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