30-06-2014 WOD

3x5 at 75% of 1rm or add 1.25kg to each side of the bar from last week

3rds for time
10 front squats 60/40
30 sit ups
10 burpees

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  1. So meant to start warm up set at 50% but due to my poor maths ended up starting at 50kg. Thoughts – blimey this feels a bit difficult. Opps. Turned out okay as finished up doing 3×5 at 60kg – 2.5kg up from last time.
    The WOD was a particular form of torture. Cant remember what I had for my lunch by every time I did a sit up I was certain it was coming back up. So much so it was a relief to get up and do burpees! !! Those are words I never thought I’d put together – burpees and relief!! Fun times ☺

  2. Really liked today 100kg on the 75% squat felt heavy lower back has been giving me some grief but was ok then 60kg for the wod 8:09min was hard but the (OPTIONAL) good mornings after killed me lol

  3. 85kg was my 75% felt pretty good, started to lag a bit on the last set. Done back squat for the wod at 50kg finished it in 10:30 enjoyed it more than i expected.

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