30-05-2014 WOD

3 position snatch 15 mins

Power snatch Isabelle
EMOTM 5 burpees

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  1. That was enjoyable. Not as hard as the other days this week, but a good chance to work on snatch skills.
    A month ago, I would have hated this sort of workout and walked away in a bad mood. But I’ve been working on my shoulder mobility and that has made it a bit easier. I went too light on the metcon, but at least that saved me from having to do too many burpees ! And from what Niall said, I used pretty crap form in exchange for speed.

  2. I love snatches so was happy to see this workout. I worked up to 32.5kg and could have gone heavier but listened to Coach Niall and concentrated on technique. I took 25kg for the workout and finished in 3.39 mins. I should have taken 30kg but we live and learn! I really enjoyed today and it really benefitted to work on technique.

  3. Well that was tough! Still working on snatch technique so not quick enough on the metcon, meaning at 4.30 mins I still had 8 to go…4.59 I had one to go, didn’t get it in time and had to do another 5 burpees- not impressed Eamon! Lol I’m too honest! Thanks 7pm class for cheering me on! 🙂

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