1. I really didn’t feel up for it this morning but ended up quite happy with the session I put in. On the front squat I hit 90kg for 5 reps and on the WOD I took 45kg and managed 8:27. This WOD was definitely not about the running… For me it was all about pacing the run so that I could get my squat cleans unbroken when I came in! Rest day tomorrow 🙂

  2. Tough session this morning, still sore from Monday! I hit 80kg on front squat, could have went a bit heavier but ran out of time. Worked up to 55kg on the RDLs and did the workout in 8:10, with a 32.5kg bar.

  3. That was another great session, even if everyone was still sore from Monday. Personally my lower back was still a bit tight.
    Went to 100KG, then 105 for five reps on the front squats which I was happy with. Stuck with 30kg on the RDL and tried to do them slow. Then went with 45kg on the wod. Came in at 9.00, but Eamon put me down as 9.01 !!! (Every second counts when your trying to keepup with Katie ) The entire workout was tough, and the WOD was a heart attack waiting to happen ! Loved it.

  4. Front squats are a huge weakness of mine…not sure why I struggle so much with them but they really limit me when it comes to things like thrusters and squat cleans. Just used 22.5 for the wod for this reason. If it had just been cleans would have went to 30 or 32.5 but this is something I really need to work on. The run was tough after the rdls. Hamstrings were squealing a little. But good fun and finished 9mins 39.

  5. Really enjoyed this WOD – Eamon encouraging me to keep up with Jim really made me push on to make sure I beat him by 1 second [Don’t worry Jim I think it was only 1 sec too rather than 2 🙂 ]. Completed it in 8.59 which i was really happy about as running is not a strong point of mine! Front squat was 50 for 5 reps which i was pleased with as 50 was my 3 rep max last week! Good day all round!

  6. Running WODs totally give me the fear, specially if the running is intended as recovery… To me it’s usually the hardest part, even the 200m! :-p but then I used to chicken out and gave the day a miss previously so at least now I turn up! Not gonna get better by not doing it!! 10.48 with 15kg for cleans- no boking and limited heaving!! … Score!! :-p

  7. Enjoy front squats and RDLs. Finished on 45kg and 30kg on each and felt good to lift more. WOD not so good. Back really tightened up on run so switched to bike for last 2 rounds. Cleans felt smoother, leggings instead of shorts stopped the bar getting stuck on my legs. Amazing the little things that make a difference ☺

  8. Worked up to 40kg on front squat which I was happy with as it was my 3rep max last week. I think it was 30kg on the RDL. Found the running more difficult than I expected (thought I’d be getting used to it by now), used 15kg for the WOD and finished 10.10 (not exactly sure but thereabouts) .

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