1. Wod –> 13mins
    60 du
    40 kb swings @ 24kg
    20 wall ball @ 9kg

    First workout on the morning since ages, best way to start your day.

  2. Was hard enough this morning. Double unders weren’t going as smoothly as they were last week..tripped up a few times but still did all 60 every round and finished 10:48. Used 16kg kb for the swings and 10lb ball for the wall ball.

  3. Double unders still present problems but did get two in a row twice!! Small improvement. My “engine” feels as if it’s improving as I feel I can push harder for longer. Finished 9 something or other but moved on from DUs after 1 1/2 minutes on each round. Id still be there if I’d tried to do 60. Really need to commit to practising more of this skill as I can see so much progress from others

  4. Nice little burn from this one today but more pressingly, shit just got REAL with DOMS from yesterday’s WOD…. Agghhh…. Shoot me now!! Lol

  5. Really struggling with the double unders so need to do a lot of practice! I had to do them one at a time so scaled to 20 per round. I had a 16kg KB and 14 wall ball. Finished in 12.22. Feeling the pain from the bank holiday WOD so I was just happy to get through it!

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