25-06-2014 WOD

Push press at 75% of 1rm (if last week felt good add 2.5kg total to
last weeks weight)

Amrap 12 mins
5 push press 60/40
10 pull ups
15 box jumps

75 band pull downs

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  1. I realise more recently that I need one focus in each class, too many and I end up achieving less. So today I stuck with my same weight on push press but decided to finally chuck those bloody jumping pull ups in the wod and try kipping. The kips were not pretty by any stretch but I still did it! So I went home feeling like I had worked hard and gotten somewhere 🙂 that feeling is one of the many things I love about crossfit

  2. That was fun but really need to try and get up to 20″ box
    Managed 6 rds and 5 box jumps at 22.5kg for push press, 18″ box and jumping pull ups
    Pleased with push press weight. Id have struggled with that a little while ago

  3. Yeoow! Managed 6rounds and 3 box jumps of the WOD using the 16inch box – no hand holding this time 🙂 . Worked up to 30kg on the push press. It didn’t come easy so it’s one that will take a while to improve, but as 30 kg was my previous 1 rp max, I’m more than happy.

  4. Good workout – was funny to see everyone, myself included, were lying on the floor at the end of the WOD.
    62.5kg Push Presses.
    WOD 5 rounds and 11 box jumps. 40kg press, lipping pull-ups, 24″box

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