23-05-2015 WOD

Find 3 rep max front squat in 12 mins

Iron Man
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Thrusters (95, 65#)
30 Double Unders after each round of Thrusters.

**Last day to register for our social event on 31st May**

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  1. Great session today. Went to 100kg on the front squat and felt I could go heavier with more time, so happy with that. On the metcon, I knew that the double unders were going to be a nightmare as usual, so went with 35kg on the thrusters and 15 DU per set. Exhausting !

  2. Nice Friday session . 97.5 on front squat. Was pleased enough.

    RX WOD- 10:03. Shoulders were fried from DU’s!

  3. Managed 40kg front squat which I was happy with, feel I could go heavier next time. Managed the meton in 10.18 with a 15 kg bar. But still can’t do any double unders 🙁 . Very impressed with everyone else so the peer pressure will get to me eventually!

  4. Good session today. I really enjoyed the wod…the motivaion is back.
    Thanks guys.

    3rep max FS @ 110 kg
    12:24 @ 40kg

  5. Well done everyone!

    Latévi I’m so pleased you’ve got your motivation back! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Ran out of time at 50kg on front squat and confident I could lift more. Went light on thrusters and was able to do them all unbroken. DUs – what can I say!! Thanks to Eamon for letting me finish and Marta for encouraging me through the last set. I was sound asleep by 9.30pm so I’m guessing I worked hard

  7. Friday was hard got 105kg front squat bit disappointed think my expectations were to high happy with the wod 45kg for the thrusters double unders got really tuff 10.05min

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