21-07-2014, WOD

5x3 at 80% of 1rm

Thruster warm up and mobility

Thrusters 43kg/30kg
Pull ups(jumping/ring rows)

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  1. 5:32 for my first Fran! Happy enough although I fancied a sub 5 mins if I’d had a decent nights sleep beforehand

  2. I feel like a proper cross fitter now that I’ve done my first Fran! I had 27.5kg for the thrusters and did jumping pull ups. I finished in 6.18. I think next time I could take the RX weight of 30kg but am happy with my first attempt!

  3. Well that was different! ! Finished 5.31. I struggled with the jumping pull ups but tried to concentrate on getting my chin over the bar each rep. Thrusters at 20kg felt grand, reckon I could have gone 22.5kg but then again my arms were fried from the pull ups so that might have not gone so well. All very complicated this Crossfit lark but I love it – most of the time

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