21-05-2014 WOD

In 12mins
Find a heavy 1rm hang squat snatch

Using 50-60% of 1RM

EMOTM 12 mins
5 hang squat snatch - odd
15 box jump over 24/20 - even

**Please remember to register for our social event, Slieve Donard walk, 31st May. Leave your name and payment at reception before Friday 23rd**

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  1. Struggled today. Due to my wonky shoulder I cant even do a full squat with a 20 Kg bar above my head. Felt as frustrated as Adrian Mole…..
    On the plus side though I did use the big boys box size so that further progress!!

  2. Hmmm…. squat snatches. Probably my least favourite lift but managed to improve my technique a bit with a lot of help from Eamon.
    I reckon it’ll be a while before i’m hitting decent weight on this one, a lot more practice needed.
    Still, really enjoyed todays class, a little progress is better than none at all.

  3. Somehow PBed at 22.5kg today… My last PB (power squat snatch) was 12.5! I’m more so pleased about this because it follows a period of injury. Previously I would have just quit going to the gym, but this time I made myself turn up… Thank you coaches for the scaling and alternative work outs that saw me through.

  4. Lot of mobility work to do to get anywhere near being able to do this lift. Switching to split snatch helped but technique is a million miles away from where it needs to be. Lots and lots of practice required. Spent 1/2 hour after class working on ankle mobility.
    Enjoyed WOD and not far off getting 20″ on box jumps so pleased about that. All in all great boost after beating myself up about running yesterday. The highs and lows of Crossfit continue ☺

  5. Really enjoyed today pb on the hang squat snatch 70kg so happy with it then 50kg for the workout box jumps things were getting so dizzy lol

  6. I really enjoy snatches. I find the squat snatches are much tougher but I did notice a massive improvement today. Sadly I took a bit of a tumble which was completely due to a loss of concentration. I had to do KB swings during the WOD as my leg was a bit shaky after the fall! Really enjoyed today and I was happy to see I am progressing!

  7. Good to practice this movement. Still working on drilling technique and not worrying too much about jumping the weights up. Happy enough to stay light and improve the movement. Good coaching points from eamon helped with technique. Just worked up to 20kg today and used the 15kg bar for the wod with 20″ box. Think I could maybe start to go higher in the box jumps. Same as a lot of others, mobility is an issue with the squat snatch but iv been working a lot on stretching and foam rolling etc at home and will continue to do so.

  8. Hit 45kg for the 1RM, used 30kg for the workout and 24″ box. Always look forward to a WOD when snatch is involved.

  9. I hate/love the snatch. My shoulder mobility is grim and I am struggling with this movement but am determined on mastering it. Feels great when you do a good one though! Managed to get to 35kg for the 1RM and used the empty 20 bar for the WOD. 20″ for the box jumps. Used the foam roller on my lower back afterwards which really helped.

  10. Some faces being pulled today ! Snatches are hard as hell, even using a pvc pipe with bad shoulders. But they do look pretty cool, especially these squat ones, so might as well keep trying them.
    Went to 45kg. On the metcon, I used 35kg and a 24” box. Was a bit of a mess by the end.

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