1. Agghhh, everyone loves these running days 😉 good to get these in every now and again. I took time off my 800’s from last time but my 400’s and 200’s were slower. Perhaps the wet conditions and a couple of cars parked which made the first bend more of a corner that you had to slow for. Overall happy enough though!

  2. Last time we did this WOD I scaled it but today I decided just to start with the 800m and see how I got on. So delighted I managed to finish it all and felt I had made improvements. I absolutely hate running but had good times for my 200ms at the end so it gave me encouragement. Much as I dislike these WODs I am always happy to see them on the board as I know running is the thing I need to work on. Very glad to have it done

  3. The one good thing about 6am class is I don’t know what the WOD will bring. This one would have caused a sleepless night.
    Once I got the 2 x 800m over I started to enjoy (slightly) – took a good 6 seconds time of my 800m time from 1.4.14
    Good to get running WODs in now and again

  4. It would have been all too easy to knock the alarm off this morning and go back to sleep but I got up and tried. It’s days like these make me doubt my ability to improve in this sport but I try and remember how strong I felt yesterday and hope someday I feel able to attack running with the same intensity. I didn’t manage to finish all 200’s but the times were consistent and I completed both 800’s so a little progress

  5. Same vancers…I don’t like running either but it’s good to get wods like this to work on it and hopefully get better. Enjoyed this morning and was happy to complete all rounds. Need to check my times and see how I did compared to the last time we did this but I think I was ok today. The 800m didn’t seem as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good to get a wee day like this every so often.

  6. I really dreaded todays work out but I made myself not press the cancel button and I’m glad I did. Those 800s were tough going although its amazing how a 400m run can suddenly feel ‘not too bad’. Good to get the running in here and there otherwise I don’t think I would ever run!
    Well done everyone!

  7. That was fun 🙂
    Was dreading the thought of it when i seen it this morning but enjoyed it! Could probably push it out a bit more on my 400m’s.

  8. I definitely reduced my times from the last we did this. I think the familiarity with how it all felt helped me push myself harder. As in can’t-quite-breath-or-stand-at-the-end harder!

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