19-05-2014 WOD

Barbell rows

Wile E. Coyote
3 rounds of:
60 Double Unders
30 Wall Balls (20, 14)
15 Deadlifts (112.5. 77.5)

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  1. Fun wod this morning.. Thought I was going to have to scale the double unders to just 30 every round but managed to do all 60 every round which I was very happy with. Going to the wall ball straight after was tough enough. Took 45kg for the deadlifts which was an ok weight, maybe could have gone a bit heavier but 45 still pushed me. Finished in 13mins 8secs.

  2. Worked up to 42.5kg on the rows. 15:30 for the Metcon with 30 DU, 20lb WB and 80kg DL. As expected DUs severely slowed me, I was completely gassed after each set, however I’m glad I did 30 per round after some negotiation with Niall.

  3. Went to 70kg on the rows.
    Had a tight lower back, so scaled it back down to 60kg deadlifts on the wod, but should have went with 70 or 80, as they turned out to be easy compared to that bloody skipping. The double unders were tough !!! I did sets of 30 and was a mess after each one. 20lb wall ball.

    Very tough workout, but very enjoyable.

  4. Did 120 skips then 30 wall balls with 20kg wall ball then 15 deadlifts with 70kg. Just over 13 minutes. Fouud the skipping tough legs like jelly. Absolute killer at the end but I blow out 15 reps in a row for last set of deadlifts in rage 😀 enjoyed it now !!!

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