1. Yippie I am actually getting a little bit faster at running ☺ knocked 2 seconds off my previous best time coming in at 45 seconds

  2. Couldn’t keep up with Lance this morning, he was like the ‘Roadrunner’, blistering pace! Managed to keep the pace on my runs fairly consistent, 38sec for fastest and 40 sec for slowest. Could possibly have went a bit faster on first couple of runs but I think it would have killed me for the later rounds.

  3. Something weird happened this morning and I actually enjoyed the running!! I was pretty consistent for the fist 5 rounds they were all 46-48 seconds. I was flagging on the last one and came in at 51 seconds. Happy enough with my times and hoping I might continue to enjoy it. I think the sun and the fact it was 200m helped!

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