1. Oh my goodness that felt like the hardest workout I have ever done. Back and legs were screaming at me half way through it. Finished (just about!!) in 8.11 but did seriously wonder if I was going to be able to make it through
    Legs are beyond tired. Is it really only Wednesday? ? Seems like a long time until my rest day on Saturday.

  2. Serious tough WOD this morning – not sure if the effects of Monday and Tuesday contributed to this fact. Thankfully its mobility day tomorrow

  3. Have to echo those sentiments, my legs were dead today after Monday and Tuesday, and the workout felt REALLY slow. Finished in 7:55 with 40kg and box dips. Best part of the class was David’s home cooked bananna bread and getting my quads rolled 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to hear other people were in pain too. My quads are really tight and not quite sure why!! I felt I was really slow on the cleans. I had 27.5kg but it felt like about 50kg!

  5. That was tough! 5×3 @ 60kg. 10:30 for WOD with 40kg cleans and Ring Dips. Thanks to Niall and the guys for getting me through that last horrible round.

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