17-05-2014 Team WOD

Teams of 2

12 min time cap
Hang power clean 60/40
Burpee box jumps

5 mins

12min time cap
Thrusters 45/30
Pull ups/jumping pull ups

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  1. Went too heavy on the thrusters at 30kg – discovered how tight my shoulders are – I struggled to get 5 in each set I did.

    I think my form was really bad today because of the weight but wanted to give it my best shot.

    So 30kg Hang Power Clean and 30kg on the Thrusters. Both PBs but I’ll bring the weight down on the Thrusters till I get stronger with good form.

  2. Thought this Saturday was really good been trying to go Heaver later hang power cleans 60kg pleased with it and 40kg for the thrusters Defo feeling stronger in the workouts only down side a ripped my hands 🙁

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