1. I had no idea what a floor press was going to be but assumed it would be something upper body which is my weakest link. I really struggled and my stupid spaghetti arms managed just 25kg, leaving me a bit demotivated.

    On a happier note I did 2 sets of 3 strict chin ups and feel like I could have managed 4 reps. Excited to hit 5 and start doing them instead of the scaled ones.

    The WOD was grand, easy enough wee day. The press ups were the most difficult part…I was tempted to scale to my knees after 2 rounds but didn’t…I got 10:49. Lisa’s treats after gave me a little spring in my step!

  2. A nice wee workout to loosen up some tight cheeks and traps today…. Managed to scrape under 10 mins for the WOD 🙂 Floor press could’ve been stronger but happy enough with 75kg 5RM given that I haven’t benched in an age! #crossfitproblems

  3. Much better day today. Only 4 th last i think. Not that it matters really……..

    AND. I managed to do 12 proper chin ups. From the ground and everything. Felt like Clubber Lang out of Rocky 3.

    Cheers to Rory for spotting me on the floor press. 50 Kgs for my first time was pretty good if you ask me!

  4. The floor press was new to me. I managed 40kg , thought I would get more but I couldn’t even lift the 45kg! The WOD was good fun. I think my running has actually improved. I am very keen to work on my running and today was the first day I noticed a real difference. My body was aching from the last couple of days so this was a nice WOD to do.

  5. Really enjoyable workout today, totally blasted my arms. Hit 77.5kg x 5 on the floor press but could have gone higher if there was more time.
    Metcon went well apart from the running, I seem to have the lung capacity of Dot Cotton 🙂

  6. Still sore from Monday’s workout, but I enjoyed today’s class. First time with floor press. Managed 25 kg fine, but couldn’t lift even one at 27.5. I did the scaled 4 rounds of the WOD in10.47 and stopped. Felt bad cause I should have done 5 rounds and stood about mumbling to myself for a minute or two . Then Marta (who had already done her 5 rounds) encouraged me to do it anyway and ran again with me. Finished the rest of the round with everyone (who had long since finished) cheering me on an counting down…. Thanks to you all !! And sorry to the 7pm class for keeping you late 🙂 #teamwork #nohalfmeasuresatCFB

  7. Tights still sore from Mondays lunges. Johny H saying he has a sore ass dont know what he was at 😀

    70kg floor press
    12,8,3 on Chins ups
    10.05 on WOD

    Nice workout not too strenuous

  8. Liked the workout hit 70 for the floor press! For the chin ups I got 6,6,6. Wasn’t too happy there was running involved as i was still pretty tight from Mondays class, started a bit to fast and burnt out towards the end. Finished in 12.01

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