13-05-2014 WOD


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Push press, 10 reps 45/30
10 KB Swings, 24/16
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box

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  1. 20 minute WODs are my favourite (tbf, I’d prefer a 60 minute WOD but we don’t do those, lol)! It was nice to get sweaty after quite a strength focused day yesterday.

    I used 20′ box, 16kg KB and just 20kg for the push press. I went light since it was long and because I knew the swings would tire my arms, I got 11 rounds and 7 push presses. I was happy enough but didn’t feel wrecked afterwards, maybe I paced it too much…

  2. For me this workout was based around the push press which was by far the toughest element with 45kg. My aim which devel

  3. oped throughout the WOD was to complete each round of push press unbroken so as not to waste energy having to pick the bar up again. I completed 11 rds and 10 push press which I was pleased with.

    On another note… I have Maximus pain of the gluteus after lunges yesterday!! See what I did there?! #DOMS

  4. I was in pain after yesterday’s lunges so was worried when I saw a 20 min WOD! It was a great workout. I had a 16 kg KB, 25kg for the push presses and 20 inch box. I completed 10 rounds and 10 KB swings. I was pleased enough but think I could have pushed myself a bit more. The box jumps were the toughest for me due to my already aching legs!!

  5. Soooo sore from yesterday, it’s funny how I could hardly walk into the gym, but I managed to get through the workout?! Used a 12kg kettle bell and 12 inch box and 15 kg push press. Like Laura, I found the box jumps the hardest- I never trust my tired legs even with a 12 inch jump. Managed to complete 11 full rounds which I was happy with.

  6. Hamstrings and ass are killing me after yesterday was not up for it mental just didn’t want to do it but I pushed on anyway 40kg for push press and 24kg kettle bell 12 rounds and 8 push press felt like fainting afterwards lol

  7. Push press killed me on this and I was only doing 25kgs. Basically I have the upper strength of a 3 year old lamb. 8 rounds and 7 presses. Today I came last. Tommorrow I may not. Serious sweat at the end of it all. Makes it so worth it.

  8. Jack-Ass! More like. Love the old 20min workouts. Push press @45 felt like 90.
    24kb,24box. 12rds/10pp/6kb’s.

    Bath,stretched and still sore! Love it.

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