12-06-2014 WOD

15mins to find a Deadlift 1RM

Then hspu progressions

Deadlifts 100/70kg

Post loads and times to comments

We still have a few spaces left on our sports first aid course this Saturday if you are interested please send an email to jenna@crossfitbelfast.com

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  1. Was in no was feeling the training buzz this morn but so glad I got outta my scratcher and completed it!!! 130kg for the 1RM, I’ll get that increased in no time!! I finished Diane in a time of 6.25, 80kg on the DL and a 24″ box. All in all pretty darned happy. Have a great weekend troops.

  2. Not as heavy as some of the super strong ladies in our gym but pb’d on deadlift by 10kg today..80kg for my 1rm which was surprising as I didn’t feel strong at all so I’m happy with that. Hspu progression from the 20″ box. Went too light for DIANE at 37.5 and finished 3:52 but that’s ok. Hoping tomorrow is a sweaty one!!

  3. PBd on DL at 95kg. Pleased about that but more pleased that I’m starting to see small improvement in my upper body strength. Managed to get through HSPU from box, I could only do 6 a few months ago so really delighted to see progress. I would have to confess to shoulder collapse on last rep and needing help of the box. Not my finest hour but it made me laugh ☺

    • No PB for me today. I managed 110kg but I had reached that previously. I do feel I had 115kg in me but ran out of time. It is something to work towards the next day. I enjoyed Diane but stupidly didn’t note my time. I finished in 6 mins and something with 60kg and a 20 inch box. I could have gone heavier but was very happy with my HSPU progressions.

      All in all its been a good training week. Plenty of stuff to work on but some noticeable improvements this week. I have really realised this week I need to work on mobility issues and technique. Brut strength is not going to be enough on it’s own. Feeling determined to make more improvements!

  4. No PB today on deadlift repeated 110kgs from a couple of weeks. Good week all round.
    HSPU’s on box have come on well from previous efforts.

    Beverley – its not like you to laugh at yourself 🙂

  5. No PB for me today , maxed out at 67.5kg. Had to really fight for it too! :-p immensely pleased that I didn’t do myself any damage though… I take it to mean my form was good even though I was struggling with the load. 40kg/ 20″ box for Diane. Didn’t note my time. Realised half way through it that that was my PB DL a year ago- couldn’t imagine doing more than 5 reps at the time!

  6. Great week for PB’s, defo adds focus for everyone and shows how we’re all progressing. Deadlift 185 and first HSPU, happy days. Niall even got me doing Kipping ones!

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