1. Today was awesome. What’s not to love?! After a weekend of squat fear finding out it was my fav exercise felt amazing.

    I misunderstood the quota and thought you were meant to find a weight you could manage for all 4 sets rather than building up in each one. I took 35kg for all 4 sets, it was grand until the end of the 4th set.

    I enjoyed the workout…used 12kg KB but found the left arm tough overhead and had to move to front rack positio halfway through. Got a time of 8:30 which I was okay about…

    • Bit of a curveball today! This workout was much harder than it looked on paper. Barbell lunges were tough and especially on the last set of 55kg. Tough WOD too with a 16kg kettle bell.

  2. Lunges are always a bit of a struggle for me so it was good to get to work on them. Worked up to 35kg for the barbells lunges and have to say they were pretty tiring. I agree with Niall this was a bit of a deceptive WOD. Mobility was an issue for me with the kettle bell over head and 12kg felt pretty heavy by the end. Managed 9 mins but it showed me I need to work on my mobility a lot more!! Enjoy!

  3. Love lunges….although after about 100 of them not so much lol
    Got up to 35kg with the BB lunges
    The WOD was nasty, legs really feeling it on the burpees. Used a 12KG KB and finished in 6.05 mins.

  4. Hated every second! Lunges are a weak point for me and I am not great at Burpees either but so glad I did it! Worked up to 30kg on the lunges then used an 8kg KB and just about finished in 10 mins at 9.45. It can be demotivating when you are struggling at something but I got amazing support from the rest of the CFB members there and from Niall, a well deserved lunch!! Important to celebrate the weaknesses alongside the strengths I think 🙂

  5. Today was a bit different- very challenging and fun at the same time. Was good to work with caoimhe on the sets as we made our way upto the 30kg mark. The WOD was a killer, used 8kg KB and completed in 7.01 which I was happy with- the strangest feeling ever was trying to jump to clap overhead after doing a burpee- my legs would simply not move! I can imagine I’ll be foam rolling my legs a lot more over the next few days!

  6. That was a tough one. So many lunges! Managed 22 kg for the barbell which was really light for the first lunge but only just managed to complete all the rounds. Used 6kg kettle bell for the wod and my burpees were pretty pathetic ! Finished 8.47.

  7. Something different,but it had a sting!
    When to 70kg on lunges, inside thighs burning.
    Took 20kg on WOD, 06:50 something had to go for a walk to circulate blood to my Brain.

    No running tomorrow please! Bicep curls and chest would suffice..

  8. I worked up to 40kg on the lunges – I almost fell with the weight towards the end – luckily I had johnny there lol

    Then for the WOD I used an 8kg kettlebell

    I found it really hard to keep the weight above my head for a long period of time – it surprised me because it’s not a big weight or was I doing some thing wrong??

    Finished the WOD in 10.08

    Thanks Marta for the support towards the end – it helped a lot

  9. Really liked this workout finding an other weakness worked up to 50kg on lunges and used a 16 kettle bell 5:09

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