11-06-2014 WOD

15 mins to find a 1rm snatch

15 mins to find a 1rm squat clean and jerk

30 clean and jerks for time 60/40

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  1. Great week so far, 2 more PB’s today! I was fearing the snatch today as I knew my previous PB of 55 had been tough. This was confirmed when I failed my first attempt at 50 today. I did persevere after this though and managed the 55 and then 60! Over the moon about this.

    So a quick turn around and straight into clean and jerk, my previous best being 85. Thought I wasn’t really feeling it today and I knew my 85 was really tough last time. Still managed to hit 90 and I don’t think you could annoy me today 🙂

    3:44 in Grace with 50kg…. Tough girl alright!!

  2. Felt much better today after a good nights sleep.

    PB’d both lifts by 5kg hitting 27.5kg on power snatch and 37.5kg on clean & jerk. More unladylike noises on last lifts – seems to be a common occurrence when I need a bit more grunt lol

    Mobility issues mean OH squat is just not happening. I’d need to be in doing ankle and shoulder mobility for an hour before hand to have a prayer of getting my limbs into the correct position for OH squat. Still doing silly things with my arms on snatch – technique needs a lot of work.

    Finished Grace in 4.40 using 25kg. Happy enough with that. Last time I tried that weight in a WOD it felt too heavy but I was able to keep moving reasonably well today.

  3. I was delighted to see snatches today but it was short lived! I managed to fall again twice and crashed the bar down on my leg. This had happened me a few weeks ago although that day I managed to just get up and get on with it. This morning I was just too fearful and didn’t really mange to get back into it. I got up to 32.5kg but had previously done 37.5kg so pretty disappointing.

    The clean and jerk was better. I got up to 50kg. I feel I have more in me though. I was still a bit fearful doing the cleans so I reckon I could increase this on a better day.

    Finished Grace in 3.36 with 25kg. It was too light and I could have managed 30kg. Still it’s all a learning curve.

    Now I am off to rest my bruised shin

  4. Hit 55kg on the squat snatch. Then went to 85kg in the clean and Jerk. I had forgot that we were supposed to get under the bar, and was yanking it up to my shoulders, then squatting down. Tried 90, but couldn’t pull it up far enough. So I need to remember what we’re supposed to be doing in future!!!
    I used 50kg on Grace. Due to my previous farce, I took it slow and steady to try and use proper form. That went well until I was last and everyone started to watch, at which point I brought the bar down on top of my head like a tube. I’m blaming a lack of sleep on being so brain dead today.

  5. Brilliant day 2 pbs snatch felt funny tonight not nature then naill brilliant coaching got me back on track hit full extension !! So got 75kg on snatch nothing on chris 72.5 kg power snatch beast and then got 100kg on clean & jerk so happy make a weight lifter out of me yet

  6. After yesterdays complete shambles with the DU’s, todays workout was a blast.
    Two PB’s in the lifts and then knocked 2 sec’s off my previous Grace time with an extra 10kg on the bar. There’s nothing like a bit of progress to get the chin up again after a bad day.
    Saying that, I’ll take the good days as they come cos there’s always gonna be something nasty lurking around the corner.
    That’s what I love about CrossFit 🙂

  7. Turns out I’m afraid of the snatch, or something like that. I really want to nail this SOB, and soon!! Hit 45kg on the snatch then 75kg on the C&J (which I was really happy with) Knocked Grace clean out in 3.28. Not an amazing time but I really feel like I’m making progress. Onwards and indeed, upwards!!!!

  8. Hit 50kg for snatch, felt strange doing it didnt feel comfortable. Didn’t do Clean & Jerk done more snatch work instead. Done Isabelle doing squat snatch instead of just power snatch, wasn’t pleaseant at all, forgot to take down my time oops!

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