1. A good day today for me! I managed 57.5kg on the push press . It was a good increase as last time I got 50kg. Happy that 60kg is now in sight

  2. Struggled today. Felt really tired after yesterday and a rubbish nights sleep. PB’d on push press at 35kg but “Annie” was a slog through SUs and sit ups and I was really struggling for the last few minutes. Wasn’t exhausted from the WOD but energy levels were really low. Got to 360 reps

  3. Managed 55kgs on push press, up 5kgs from previous PB. The extra 2.5kgs @ 57.5kgs seemed a hell of alot more than the 55.
    Persevered with the DU’s today and posted a score of 180 for Annie. The DU’s need attention to get a few strung together.

  4. PB on push press this morning…was previously 37.5 but managed 45kg this morning. Very happy with that. Loved ‘ANNIE’!! Finished in 8:28….good fun.

  5. Disappointing day. Made the 80kg press easy enough, but was pushed for time and jumped to 90. Rushed it and failed, so I was pretty annoyed with myself over that. For the amrap thing, I stuck with double unders as I really need the practice. Looks like I need a hell of a lot more practice ! Only managed two rounds in the 10 minutes.

  6. 100kg on the push press and ran out of time (thought we had 20mins!!). reckon have another 10kg in the engine… 6.07 for Annie. DU’s were all unbroken which helped massively on the time and sit-ups managed with no stop, just nice and steady.

  7. Hit 80 on the push press which I was happy with although I think with some more time the 82.5 was within reach… Although not the 85! Tried it first but only as I was wearing a superman T and thought I was invincible lol

    I finished Annie in 8:11, 1:45 faster than last time! Still room for improvent though after seeing Rogers time! I put the improvement down to DU’s getting better. I had a great race with Lisa today and we both finished on the same time!! 🙂

  8. Good start to the workout with a 75kg push press PB, then everything went to shit with the DU’s. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of them last Friday I completely lost all rhythm and motor skills today.


    On the upside I decided to stay after class and knocked out 4 sets of 5x80kg floor presses. That got rid of the DU rage 🙂

  9. Delighted with today, looked at my time last time we did ANNIE in March and it was 12mins 52 and today I did it in 9 mins 26 over the moon 🙂 45kg on Push press

  10. 85kg push press pb so happy with that 7:24 I am just shut at sit ups double unders were easy but couldn’t go any faster on sit ups o well

  11. Wrist still giving me grief so push press was out of the question, not happy about that, did ring rows with my feet up on a 12″ box instead. For Annie i got 8 mins, need to find a way to speed up the sit ups.

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