09-05-2014 WOD

Find a 1 rep max squat clean and split jerk

Then open WOD 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Squat clean (165lb / 75kg)
Jerk (165lb / 75kg)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Squat clean (110lb / 50kg)
Jerk (110lb / 50kg)

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  1. Nice wee Friday session today with a bit of time to work on this skill. The skill side defo needs more work for me though… Need to get my hips through on the clean and shrug better on the jerk; both good tips from coach Niall. Managed a PB of 85kg on the squat clean so have to be happy with that 🙂

  2. This was a good day for me! Managed 52.5kg on the 1 rep max squat clean and split jerk. I struggled a bit with the squat clean and found the jerks much easier so will need to work on that. For the metcom I took 35kg (almost had 45kg by mistake until Niall McHugh noticed. It could have been painful). I got 19 reps in 5 mins. I had a strategy of 5 per min but that went out the window after the first min!! Really enjoyed today and PBs were a good start to the weekend

  3. Good wod this morning..got 37.5kg for the squat clean and split jerk. Found the split jerk easy enough at that weight but the squat clean held me back. Good fun though. Metcon score was 22 reps with 27.5kg.

  4. Loved getting back to Cleans-I’d missed them! Unlike almost everyone else it’s the jerk that held me back. My overhead lifts are not as strong as my lower body…managed 35kg. Could have gone heavier with the squat clean I think but not on the jerk. Oh well…

    Took 27.5kg for the WOD and followed Laura’s strategy of 5 per minute getting 25 in total. Kind of wish I’d taken 30kg and done less reps…

    • Nice program today. Good skill work but some may disagree ….. 87.5PD on squat clean/split jerk. Happy that there’s more in the tank. In WOD, 60kg and completed 20 reps. Need to be faster from the floor to hang position and get under the bar quicker.

  5. Really enjoyed this WOD today except for my feet cramping after nearly every rep! Managed 42.5kg as 1 rm which I was happy with. Completed 22 reps at 30kg for the met con – really enjoyed this style of metcon! See you all tomorrow!

  6. I really enjoyed that. 1RM of 70kg and then 17reps of 50kg. Found the squat clean harder to get the technique right with than the split jerk so think if I could get that right I could go heavier next time.

  7. I loved today, love cleans, squat clean was inhibited a bit by my front squat which is weak enough by comparison to my jerk so finished at 42.5kg which I was delighted with. Over the moon with my Metcon, got 30 reps with 30kg bar, although felt my technique go a wee bit as I got tired 🙂 happy Caoimhe.

  8. Pb on 1 rm on the c&j 90kg boom then got 19 reps at 60kg was so happy with the 1 rm c&j missed it once then got it the second time just wanted to scream adrian I did it !

  9. Great class. Worked up to a PB of 75kg on squat clean & jerk. Feel like I could go heavier with clean but pretty much maxed out the jerk, technique wasn’t pretty on the PB rep.

    For met-con went with 50kg and did 19 reps.

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