09-06-2014 WOD

Testing Week
Please record all results from this weeks training in as much detail as possible.

20mins to find a 1rm back squat

3rds for time
Run 400m
12 pull ups

Post results to comments

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  1. Delighted with my morning’s work. The last time we tested squatting I hit 125kg, today I pb’d twice hitting 130 and 132.5 🙂 in the WOD, Helen, I was absolutely convinced that I was slower than last time and couldn’t believe when I checked my diary and I’d gone 43 seconds quicker!! Good to have the diary for this reason.

  2. Well done Niall! I was slightly disappointed with my back squat. Last time I hit 85kg so was pretty sure I could have got 90kg but only managed 87.5kg. Still an improvement but not as much as I’d hoped. I still need to check how I did the last time I did Helen. This time I got 10.36. The running is still the thing really slowing me down so need to keep working on it. Glad to do a bit of strength work this morning and really determined to get those numbers increased now.

  3. Good way to start the week. Worked with Niall up to a PB of 132.5kg on the back squat, previous PB was 130kg Need to focus on hitting correct depth when squatting as I often only make it to parallel. My Helen time was 10.08 with jumping pull ups and 20kg KB. Slightly disappointed as my lower back tightened during the last round which slowed me down a bit.

  4. I was wrecked this morning so was dreading the workout even though it’s the sort of WOD I usually like. i.e. no skipping or overhead work !
    Went to 135 on the back squats and think I could have went heavier. First go with a weight belt on my last lift. That was fun, and I think it made it a lot easier.
    I RX’d the metcon and took 11.20. The Kettlebell was easy enough, but the run kills me. I can’t do kippng pullups either, so had to do a weird hybrid between those and strict.

    Well done Stuart. 105 on your first ever back squat ! Thats impressive !!

  5. Wasn’t feeling strong this morning at all..disheartening when you feel weak. Squat was 55kg and wod was completed in 9:28 with 16kg kb and jumping pull ups.
    Well done everyone who has pb’d today. Excellent work!

  6. Thanks to coach Niall, he gave a few tips on correcting my squat technique that really made a difference in being able to squat deeper with emphasis on the muscle groups that should be working most. Thanks for the PB : )

  7. Good results all day then! 135 back squat with a knee up from Roger on my 137.5. Completed Helen in 09:16 which satisfying.

  8. PB’d at 75kg on squat. Absolutely delighted but did let out an extremely unladylike howl on the last lift. No way I wasn’t getting up ☺
    As for Helen, running still feels heavy and slow. However despite feeling disheartened by my time it was 33 seconds faster than the last time we did that. Smile back on face.
    Thanks for all your help Niall and Eamon, its really encouraging to see positive results.

  9. Pb on back squat 135kg felt like I had 140kg in me but played it safe another day got 9:12 in wod forearms were smoked on last set should of went quicker on the running but feel great

  10. Choosing to arrive for this workout after 3 days on the lash in Bristol probably wasn’t the best idea in the world but I struggled through it and managed not to die in the process.
    Not the best results in the world but surely it’s the taking part that counts 🙂
    There’s always tomorrow…

  11. 165kg on the back squat and 9.59 for the WOD RX. running and pull-ups were very inefficient and slow! needs a lot of work!

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