1. 3×5 Push press @ 57.5kg, failed at my last rep in round 3 this week, the ring rows in between made a difference. For the runs i clocked 1.15, 1.21, 1.24, 1.25 & 1.21. Legs were very heavy after yesterdays WOD.

  2. I think the girl in the picture for today’s WOD is me! Push press felt heavy with the ring rows in between sets. 45kg for push press and not sure I could have managed much more today. Survived the dreaded running just about and managed to knock a bit of time of and keep my times more consistent. They were all 1.43 and 1.44 save for the last run which was 1.48. Pleased to see some progress with the running and again it shows how important it is to keep a record. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d made any improvement so it was good to see!

  3. Pleased with further progress in push press. Increased weight again this week, now up to 30kg for 3×5
    Used erg instead of running this morning. Splits all fairly steady at 1.58 average. Was aiming for splits under 2 so happy enough with that

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