07-07-2014 WOD

Back squat
3x5 @75% of 1RM plus 1.25kg each side

Wall ball
Box jumps

Compare to jan 22nd 2014

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  1. Managed the back squats okay even though my squat partner Gary had abandoned me! The WOD was pretty tough it was hard to believe after the set of 9 you had to work back up to 21 again! Checked my score from Januray and I had knocked 39 sec off finishing in 8mims 40. I had also RX’d this one. Great to see progress and shows the importance of recording your WODs.

  2. Stuck to the same weight as last week for squats and felt fairly good although I always find the first working set a bit wobbly.
    Knocked 31 seconds off previous WOD time finishing at 8.14. Wall ball was the same weight but I hit the target every time. Id take an educated guess I didn’t do that in January!!. Box was 2″ higher so all in all lots of progress.
    Find keeping a diary really helpful and encouraging

  3. As per usual the early morning back squats were challenging. Completed 3×5 @105kg. The met con was the first one I have Rx’d in ages so felt good about that. Managed to complete all rounds unbroken and clocked 7.59. Missed this WOD in January so no score to compare.

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