07-05-2014 WOD

In a 2min window
Run 400m
Then max rep
kb swings 24/16kg
Rest 2mins


10mins hspu progressions on box

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  1. So 400m is the worst ever distance to run for me…boke! The OH KB swings were great as knowing I needed to be back to fit them in made me run faster.

    I RX’d it and got 48; 10/10/10/9/9 so pretty consistent ☺️

    Also very happy that my nose was only about 3 inches from the wall in my wall walks today…progress

  2. What a nasty little workout! Great in hindsight though.

    Started a little too quick with the first 400m but adjusted for the next three and went flat out for the last one. Posted 92 reps at RX going 19, 18, 18, 18 & 19.

    Worked up to 5 strict HSPU’s….. They’re never gona be easy!!

  3. Nice workout, kinda glad the runs were switched to rows due to rain cos my back was still tight from yesterday’s deadlifting escapades. Really like the new rowers.
    Got my first (kipped) hspu too which felt kinda awesome.

    • I hate running, esp after a deadlift (there must be a a reason why this autocorrects to ‘deadliest’ ) day

      12/10/9/4/8 on the workout

      and 3 hspu

  4. The runs were horrible but felt good after having completed them.. Used 16kg kb. Didn’t get too many kbs done. I think maybe only 21 in total. Hspu progression was enjoyable as always…still just from my knees on the box though, and handstands against the wall and wall walks are lots of fun.

  5. I loved Crossfit today! Run was tough used 12kg kettle bell as my bank is sore from deadlifts.

    Managed 62 in total 12,14,13,12,11= happy with that!

  6. Pure agony after the run πŸ™‚ back so tight after yesterdays deadlifts, maybe good not to do running after back work on previous day but then again sometimes I do every second day so hard to pleasure everyone πŸ™‚ but good workout overall. HSPU’s first time doing them, enjoyable

  7. Must practice running! And then run a bit more. Did manage a 1.5 second handstand though which was amazeballs!

  8. Yay! Running again!!! :/

    400m is still too much for me but getting there!
    Did 200m and 138KB swings with 12kg.
    Fell awesome!!!

  9. Wouldn’t have made the 400metre run so did 200m. 25/20/22/20/23 (110) Kb swings with 12kg (I think-the blue ones!) was exhausted afterwards. Didn’t do too well on the handstands !

  10. In the words of mama bouche (the waterboy) running is the devil! I only managed 48 kettlebell swings with 16kg. HSPU’s got on to my toes on the box, will take a while before I’ll be able to do one properly.

  11. I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to! It was interesting having to pace yourself so that the run took 90 seconds or less, so after a first run that was too slow I felt pushed to run faster. It was also a really good test of fitness, since that’s meant to be all about recovery time (2 minutes felt about right).

    Still haven’t gone from the progressions to an actual HSPU but hopefully wont be long!

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