06-05-2014 WOD


15 mins to find a 5rm

Pull ups
3 x ME (weighted if over 10 reps)

Deadlifts 100/70
63-45-27 (scales du reps as needed)

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  1. 5RM DL 115kg.
    Metcon 5.45 @ 70kg with 21-15-9 DUs.

    Managed 7 DUs in a row during the Metcon, then couldn’t do any more than 2 afterwards 🙁

  2. That was a jelly leg workout alright! Tough going from DL’s to DU’s…. At least the workout was short. Went with 80kg and think it was a good weight., 4:26 in the WOD.

    Can’t believe CFB used a pic of Hil for today’s workout pic! Lol

  3. 62.5kg in deadlift..ran out of time. Could have done a few more sets. 35kg for the workout was much too light… Scaled du’s to 21-15-9…getting there but lots more practice needed..need to keep arms in.

  4. 110kg 5RM on the DL
    Got DU scaled to 21-15-9
    And Metcon in 6.47 with 45kg on the DL – while too light for weights it stopped me dying early with my poor cardio fitness

  5. 155x5RM DL. Weighted pull ups with 5kg hanging round one. We’ll coached Eamon son on DL’s. Felt like an octopus on the metcon,4:57. Scaled in at 80kg with full DU’s. Well programmed chaps.

  6. 110kg 5RM DL could done more ran out of time

    21-15-9 using 50kg
    126-90-54 SU

    Time 3:37

  7. PB on my Deadlift tonight was 100 – previously 95

    Used 50kg Deadlift for the WOD and then went for Single Unders and finished in 4:12

    The workout was short and intense – perfect – I probably could have put another 10kg on the deadlift for the WOD but I had doubts I’d be able to finish the workout with too much weight.

    Hopefully I’ll make progress on the double unders and increase the weight next time. When my confidence gets better.

  8. Well done everyone, great to see you all leaving comments!

    WOD: RX: 70kg & DU: 4.24 great way to finish the night! Messed up last set of DUs trying to beat Niall 😉 next time!

  9. Cheeky little burner ! did this after the last class this evening with Jenna she pushed me all the way.
    4.21 Rx’d
    Pretty pleased with this as high rep deadlifts are not my favourite.

  10. Hello. This is the first time I’ve blogged my wod!!

    Got 165 for 5rm touch & go reps.
    Did the workout with 100kg but had to scale the du’s to 21/15/9. Now the Achilles has healed up il be practicing these wee du rascals!!!!

    Think I did the workout in 5.24

  11. 62.5 5RM deadlfts. Dam callouses stopping me 🙁 . Metcon 3mins. 25kg (was too light) and stuck to single unders (no sign of even one DU yet!).

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