1. AMRAP at the start was tight enough!! Think I’m getting the hang of DU’s. Managed 9 rounds with 9 DU’s. Pretty happy with that. Shoulders are on fire right now,.

  2. That wad definitely a wod of 2 half’s. Loved wall ball frustrated by DUs. Scaled to 10 DUs finished in 16.58

  3. That WOD was killer, managed to hit a few rounds of 30 du’s unbroken, using a 20lb med ball was a bad idea got really tough getting to the later rounds. Finished in 19:47

  4. Loved another longer wod this morning! It was very tough though…thought I was going to be sick at one stage but it was good. Completed everything in 19:27. Did the full 30 du’s each round and used 10lb ball for the wall ball but a few didn’t hit the line so had to do extra. Very tough but very fun.

  5. Was so close to bailing out this evening! So glad I didn’t !! Hadn’t been getting the hang of double unders at all so far- did them individually for sets of ten today. Can’t string them together yet but that’s about 100x more DUs than i had done before!! Yeeeeow!

  6. Was not up for these mentally but once it started it wasn’t as bad did all rounds unbroken till the last set of wall balls 10/5 was really annoyed afterwards 12:20

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