04-06-2014 WOD

Kipping pull up practice

4 mins on 2 mins off
Run 400m
Max rounds of cindy for total reps
Rest 2 mins

Post total reps to comments

Also sound out in comments if you're booked for Robo on 23rd 🙂

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  1. My apologies to the 1230 class for my big sour bake. I’ve just about stopped sulking about the running. Only just :-p
    Booked in for the 23rd 🙂

  2. Haha, sure you were nearly catching me by the end Kursheed, my crippled lungs gave in after 3 rounds. Any word on that transplant? 🙂
    Great workout, although I was bloody glad when it was over.

  3. Great workout, but bloody hard! I think that is the most drained I have felt after any of the metcons. Can’t make the Rob Orlando event. raging about that.

  4. That was tough. Still haven’t got the hang of the old kipping pull ups…and strict pull ups really slowed me down. Booked for the 23rd, can’t wait 🙂

  5. Pretty pleased that I completed 4 out of 5 rounds, though a little disappointed I couldn’t push myself to finish. And thanks to Marta for her encouragement on the run on the 4th round.

  6. Loved the longer wod today. It was really hard but I enjoyed it. Running never seems to get easier but it’s good to work on it.

  7. Booked23rd. Did enjoy WOD but it was a good long tester. 444, made it feel a lot better though. Ooshhh.

  8. Just booked Rob Orlando wasn’t going to go didn’t think I like it but now I can’t wait like that workout 496 reps

  9. Enjoyed the WOD got 310 did sit ups instead of press ups they slowed me up so couldnt get more reps. Sooner i can use this wrist the better

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