03-06-2014 WOD

Push press
Single arm kb row
3x12(each arm) use wooden benches and ab mats

200m run
20 box jump over
20 deadlifts 60/40
20 STOH 60/40
20 deadlifts 60/40
20 box jump overs
200m run

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  1. Easy to say with hindsight but I think I overpaced this one lol…. Still, got a good wee burn out of it. I push pressed 50, 60 and 70 for 5’s and used 24kg for the KB row. On the WOD I took 50kg and did it in 6:37. I did each exercise unbroken other than the STOH which I did in 5’s. I could’ve pushed these a bit more but sure I’ll know for next time! 🙂

  2. Running as predicted!! Actually didn’t find it too bad surprisingly. Finished 6 55, broke stoh into 5s but could have pushed on a bit. Still find it hard to pace when any kind of running is included. Only managed 25kg on push press but I think I was worried about 20 stoh in wod so didn’t push as hard as I could have

  3. Wee quick wod this morning..took 25 but probably should have went heavier. Finished in 6:39. Worked up to 37.5 for 5 reps push press and used 12kg kb for the single arm rows.

  4. On the push press, I worked up to 5 * 50kg, 5 * 60kg, 5 * 70 kg, and tried 5 * 75kg, but failed on the third rep. Don’t think I took long enough to recover from the previous set. Last time I tried this, I did 60kg, so it’s a good improvement.
    On the kettlebell pulls I did 24kg, then 32kg’s. And on the chipper, used a 50kg bar with a 24” box. I think I did the dealdifts unbroken and thought they were the easiest out of everything. But I should have used a better strategy on the STOH. I did something like 10 or 12 unbroken, which burnt me out. Then broke the rest into 2 or 3 sets. My heart was pounding the entire time. The box overs were a b***ard ! and the final run was more of a stagger. Came in at 7.49 and collapsed.

  5. 70kg for the push press and 50 kg for the wod should have went rx just to do it did two sets of ten on stoh only thing slowed me down was the box jumps just taken them easy 6:18

  6. Injured my wrist on monday so couldnt do the push press, did single arm kettlebell presses instead worked up to 24kg, used 16 for the kettlebell rows think i should of went heavier on these but was better to do them really strict. used 60kg for the dealift and 20kg kettlebell for the STOH for the chipper, finished in 7.38. Enjoyed this workout.

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