02-06-2014 WOD

Hang squat clean

10 min amrap
15 sit ups
12 press ups
9 Front squat 45/30


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  1. Nice day today. I was still a bit sore from Saturday so was glad it wasn’t too difficult. I got up to 47.5kg in the hang squat cleans. I think I could have managed 50kg but ran out of time. I was happy with my progress. I RX’d the WOD and completed 6 rounds and 4 press ups. The weight was about right and it’s good to be able to RX some of the WODs now.

  2. Well done Laura!!! This morning was good. Got 32.5 in the hang squat cleans which was ok. The wod was good..got 6rounds and 7 sit ups. The front squats slowed me a lot and I was really feeling them in my lower back..maybe tight hips. Did some double under practice after and got 42 today! Very happy about that!!

  3. That ended up tougher than I thought it would be. Managed 70kg on the hang squat clean. And 6rounds +7sit ups on the WOD. As always it’s cardio fitness that I find toughest.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed tonight. Up to 37.5kg on squat cleans and got 6 rounds plus 10 SUs at 25kg for WOD. Press ups continue to slow me down as I end up having to break them up. Mostly I was pleased with ring rows. Did 4 from an 8″ box. Tried that about 4 months ago and could hardly move myself an inch! Great feeling when you can see improvement. Knowing my luck tomorrow will be running and I will come back down to earth with a bump but sure take it as it comes ☺

  5. Enjoyable work out today. Managed 32.5kg in the squat cleans. Need to release the grip at the top to raise my elbows next time. Took the AMRAP easy enough with 15 kg for the front squat and did 6 rounds and 10 sit ups. Should go heavier next time.

  6. First training session since last Tuesday 95kg hang squat clean for 2 and got 1 at 100kg so happy enough pbs then 45kg for workout got 7 rds and finished the push ups

  7. Went to 80kg on the hang squat cleans and ran out of time. Used a 45kg bar on the amrap and managed 6 rounds with 15 SU’s and 12 Pressups. Good tough workout.

  8. Got up to 70kg on the squat clean but injured my wrist so couldnt try heavier, didnt get my elbows high enough and it hit my knee making the bar bend my wrist back. Had to change the WOD because of it, did kettlebell squats and ring rows instead of push ups. Managed 6 rounds and all the sit ups.

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