01-07-2014 WOD

Push press 3x5 75% of 1rm or add 1.25kg to each side of the bar from last week

Strict pull ups 3xME or 3xME band assisted or 3xME LOW BAR PULL UPS

5rds for time
12 push press 60/40kg
4 cone shuttle run
9 pull ups

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  1. Took 40kg for the WOD today, this was plenty considering the jet lag and the fact that I wanted to keep the intensity up. Went well and was able to go unbroken the whole way through although the shuttle runs were a bit crowded which slowed them down. I did a bit of a Forest Gump and had to be told when I was done today but not before I had a 6th round of push press done! Doh!!

  2. I had a bit of a hangover this morning so had to really force myself to get off the sofa and across the road to get to the gym. Fortunately I managed to unleash the power of the beard which helped me through the workout without any ambulances having to be called.
    Push pressed 60kg x 5 for 3 sets and used 35kg for the metcon. Not my best performance ever but at least I gave it a good bash.
    Mark 1 – Hangover 0, yussssss.

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