“Shocked and delighted to learn how much fun this new thing called CrossFit was”

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I have always loved running, particularly long distance running and used running to try and keep fit while doing something I enjoyed doing. Having completed a couple of marathons, my next challenge was to try to reduce my marathon time. However, knowing the amount of training required each time in the lead up to a marathon and the likelihood that this training would be mostly on my own (which became quite boring), lead me to lose interest in running and I eventually found myself doing very little to keep fit at all!

In May 2015, I decided I needed to do ANYTHING to try and get back to doing some sort of exercise and at just the right time, having kept seeing and hearing the name CrossFit being mentioned more and more, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to sign up to the foundation course (with little expectations as I had never really enjoyed participating in fitness classes before never mind lifting weights!).

However, I was shocked (and delighted) to learn how much fun this new thing called CrossFit was – it involved weights, cardio and gymnastics in an amazing fun team atmosphere, in fantastic facilities with the guidance of personable and top class coaches alongside fun and supportive people. I soon joined and have not looked back since.

Since joining CrossFit:

  • I have gone from exercising once/twice a week (if at all) to up 5 times in a week. I even attended CrossFit classes in America while on holiday.
  • I have discovered a whole new dimension to keeping fit – lifting weights. I now cannot imagine not including weights in my workout.
  • I actually look forward to working out. Each class is organised beforehand so all I have to do is turn up and give it my best effort. With the classes being so varied I feel like I have never done the same class twice which keeps things exciting and interesting. Classes also comprise of both individual and team exercises which keeps things fun and competitive. The ability to keep an online record of my performances keeps me motivated as I can see my progress and set myself various goals. The workouts themselves are challenging which keeps me motivated and coming back for more.
  • Ultimately, I feel fitter, stronger and healthier - I completed a half marathon in August 2015 and a full marathon in September 2015 (mostly using CrossFit for my training combined with running). I therefore have CrossFit to thank for helping me to find my love for running again alongside my new love for CrossFit!

I have so many new goals now for the future I do not know where to start!

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"Thank You Sarah, glad we could help.  You're doing so well, keep up the good work!" Team CFB


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