Rumble in the Jungle III


It's a little late but i guess better than never...!

I don't know where to start with this and I'm sorry if I miss anything out as I don't usually post much online but I'll do my best!

The best way to describe the last few months would be "roller-coaster".  Anyone from CrossFit Belfast, our friends and our families know that Niall and I have been 'trying' to train alongside setting up another business and getting our fabulous box up and running.

As life does, it constantly throws things at you when you least expect it, things to challenge you and make you work harder!!

8 weeks ago I fell in the gym mid workout and tore a ligament in my wrist, I was glad it wasn't broken but wasn't sure what it meant with training and prepping for rumble etc.
I was in a splint and couldnt lifted a barbell for 7 weeks.  No snatching, cleaning or pressing.  I could barely hold a PVC pipe lol.  I couldn't hold my own weight on the pull up bar or hold a plank position never mind do any pull ups, press ups or gymnastics... I was gutted!

With the help of my better half Niall, my coach Brendan Walsh and my physio Erin Byrd I managed to stay positive and do what I could with training... Squat, run, row and rehab, right up until the Monday before the competition when I lifted a barbell for the first time in weeks.

To have been able to compete at Rumble in the Jungle 3 was a HUGE achievement for me.. 100% I did not expect to win and it still hasn't sunk in yet.. I'm delighted and on cloud 9!!

Big thank you to everyone who played their part over the weekend, thanks to our CFB members who made the 6 hour journey to support us, you don't know how much it helps having you guys there and all our members back home sending messages of support 🙂 thank you!!  Sam you made the weekend so much fun with your GHD craziness and making sure we made it home safely lol - next time buddy roll on filthy150.

Thank you to all the Guerillas (our second family) for organising such a successful event and being awesome as always, such a lovely brunch of people.

Thank you to all the awesome girls who I had the pleasure to compete with yous pushed hard and made the weekend special... Respect to you all, keep doing what you love!!

The biggest achievement and Thank You for the weekend must go to Niall!  Niall wasn't training for this comp, he's had to take a back seat and focus on the gym, he's been surviving on little sleep for weeks, little to no training and a huge amount of pressure and stress and I don't know anyone else who would be able to do what he does, go through what he goes through and still have the nerves of steel to travel down to this comp and put himself out there in that environment not worrying about anything or anyone and just having fun... Respect!

Thank you to all the awesome girls who I had the pleasure to compete with, you all pushed hard and made the weekend special... Respect to you all, keep doing what you love!


Stay Fit, Stay Strong, Stay Healthy


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