CrossFit offers an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding workout every day!

Hannah McDaid, Member since July 2015!


I was first introduced to CrossFit last year whilst working in London.  I was a member of Reebok Sports Club which held a couple of CrossFit classes during the week.  I really enjoyed them after work, I loved how they were short but intense classes and they introduced me to exercises and equipment I would never have thought of in the gym before.

I was delighted when I found out CrossFit was in Belfast and I was first introduced to it here in August. I cannot recommend it highly enough! It is a totally unique set up, with structure, support and personal coaching provided at every workout, which I am yet to see another gym achieve.
The variation in the workouts is what keeps things interesting. For this, the coaches should be praised for their imagination as I don't think I have ever done the same warm up or workout twice in 4 months! It's great being able to plan your classes in advance, check your workout before class and record your progress on the app.
From my first class other members were encouraging, friendly and inclusive, there is a team spirit at every session which really keeps me motivated.
The coaches do a commendable job at identifying everyone's strengths and weaknesses and scaling workouts to maximise everyone's own session which means you're never intimated by what looks like a really heavy or technical workout.
Whilst I have improved my strength and conditioning I have also noticed changes in my running. This year I have taken 8 minutes off my half marathon time, and whilst I have increased focus on my running training, CrossFit has undoubtedly assisted with this. I also find running much more enjoyable now with increased variation in my training.
I cannot recommend CrossFit highly enough to anyone thinking of joining it. You are broken in very gently with the foundation course and receive excellent coaching throughout. The gym has a lovely group of members of all ages, abilities and all with different goals and CrossFit offers an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding workout every day.
Keep up the good work Hannah, you're doing so well and making great progress!

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