09/03/2014, Sunday Reading

I think it's amazing to watch both these videos of Crossfit Games champions and see how much the life of a champion has changed now that the sport of Crossfit has grown. I love that people have such a strong drive to better themselves and perhaps compete one day however our sport of Crossfit is advancing very fast and is no different to many professional sports, it takes years of hard work and dedication.
I think this is one thing that is very evident in both videos. Both men lead very similar yet very different lifestyles and as the sport continues to grow we will see more and more of the top athletes moving for the amateur style of existence like Mikko to the professional sport star that Rich has become making it harder and harder to break into the top ranks of the sport. Both these videos inspire me to work harder and dedicate myself to training which I feel is the phenomenon of Crossfit. We can more so than any other sport appreciate just how amazing these athletes are because we train the same workouts and movements on a day to day basis.
I hope that these videos and my post will not put you off but inspire you to train harder and dedicate yourself to achieving your own personal goals.



Stay Fit
Stay Strong
Stay Healthy

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