Rumble in the Jungle III

It's a little late but i guess better than never...! I don't know where to start with this and I'm sorry if I miss anything out as I don't usually post much online but I'll do my best! The best way to describe the last few months would be "roller-coaster".  Anyone from CrossFit Belfast, our […]

CFB Member Profile, Kiley MacLeod

Kiley MacLeod, member since May 2015. The first time I had ever heard of “Crossfit” was when a gym opened up right across from my house back in Tyler, Texas, USA. Whenever they were outside, I would catch glimpses of these people doing these insane workouts while having huge grins on their faces and laughing. […]

CFB Member Profile, Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford, Mortgage Adviser, Mark Crawford Financial. Member of CrossFit Belfast since January 2015 I grew up participating in lots of sports and would have been relatively fit throughout my school years.  I went to commercial gyms from the age of 19 but would lose interest quickly so would only really attend for about 3 […]

CFB Member Profile, Hannah Addley

Hannah Addley, member of CrossFit Belfast since December 2014. CrossFit Belfast opened up at just the right time for me. I was stuck in a gyming rut, pounding the time away on a machine on my own or lifting the same weights with minimal improvement….and most of all missing a bit of chat! I came […]