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I was never a cook. Growing up in Brazil I was used to always having someone else preparing all the meals in my house, and the few times I went to the kitchen to try some random recipe I found online (usually something like donuts, whoopie pies, nutella crepes, etc) Maria, the cook that has been working with my family for over 10 years, would kick me out because I was going to ‘make her kitchen a mess’ which was definitely not true… I think…

Fast-forward to 2 years ago and I’m living by myself in a foreign country, and guess what? I can’t even make rice. Considering all the ‘ready to eat’ options we can find here in Belfast, I shouldn’t worry however, I was 4 months in my journey into becoming a healthier person, so eating out and buying frozen meals didn’t sound like the wisest choice. This was the kick in the butt I needed to stop being lazy and learning how to make at least some basic stuff and after many carbonised pots of beans and several cakes that never rose I finally got the hang of things. So I thought: why stop at the basic, if there are so many delicious things that will cost much less and taste so much better if you make them from scratch at your own home?

I’m still not a cook but I’d say now I’m a food adventurer that knows how not to burn ingredients! Usually I won’t make the same recipe twice but sometimes I find a recipe that is just so amazing that I need to have it again and this is the case of this cake recipe I’m going to share here.

Food is fuel, and after I joined Crossfit Belfast the amount of fuel I needed to maintain a satisfactory performance increased considerably (pro tip: if you love to eat, join crossfit). Also, proper post workout nutrition is essencial in order to ‘secure’ our gains, the thing is: sometimes the protein shake + carb combo gets really boring. So when I came across this recipe for a healthy, grain-free, banana cake I decided to experiment with it by changing some ingredients to try to make it the ultimate ‘post workout treat’ and guess what? It worked! So here it is:

Paleo(ish) Protein Banana Cake


- 3 medium eggs
- 2 bananas large or 3 medium (220g)
- 3 Tbs of coconut flour
- 3 Tbs of almond flour
- 3 Tbs of vanilla whey protein
- 150ml of almond milk
- Cinnamon (to taste)
- 1 Tbs of baking powder
- 1 Tsp of xylitol (or anything you like to use to make it sweet, however if you use liquids, like honey, I'd slightly decrease the amount of almond milk)
- coconut oil to grease the baking tray (if necessary)

Blend everything, except for the baking powder, until it becomes a batter.
Add the baking powder and blend it for a couple more seconds.
(Some times I fold in some crushed cashews, dark chocolate chips, etc, it’s really up to you.)
Put the batter in the baking tray and put it in the pre-heated oven (250ºC) for approx. 35 minutes, just keep an eye on it and when it looks ready insert a toothpick, if it comes out clean, the cake is ready.

EAT AWAY - really, I eat it as a post workout snack, but also if I I’m craving something sweet during the day I’Il heat a slice and have it with paleo ice cream, sometimes I’ll spread butter and have it for breakfast, be creative!


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