Do You REALLY Want to Change?

As a coach, one of your main goals should be education and learning and at times relearning!  Yes relearning....!

I have reminded myself of a few key points to achieving success.

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, the number one most important question to ask yourself is "Do you really want to change?"... Not 'Would you like to change' or 'It would be nice to change'...but "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE?"

It is only when the answer is unequivocally YES, can there be guaranteed success.  There is no room for 'if's' or 'buts' or excuses and conditions.  When you really want it there will be absolutely no excuses, you WILL do what you HAVE to do!

I can 100% relate to this scenario, as I have been making excuses for myself for too long about not having time to train and eat healthy as I'm too busy trying to start another business and help other people.  Part of the problem was my mindset, I thought I needed to exercise and eat healthy because I owned a gym.  In the last 2 years I have made stop and start attempts with training and eating right because in a way I felt i had too and 'kinda' wanted too.

Everything changed last Tuesday (27th October), I woke up and I 'really wanted to change',  I mean really... I was fed up!  Since Tuesday everything in my world has changed.  I no longer have excuses, I have obstacles that I must overcome.  I have stopped feeling sorry for myself and have started using others around me for inspiration and motivation!

I am only one week into my new journey but I can see where i am going and I am genuinely excited for the future.

I can't stress how different this feels to all the other times in the last year I have told myself I would get my act together.  It's like a light has been switched on that won't turn off!

Find your reason why... search deep within yourself to find that reason why YOU really want it for you... no one else,  when you get this everything else will follow.

At CFB we will help you get to where you want to be....!!

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