CFB Member Profile, Leisa Smyth

Leisa Smyth, member of CrossFit Belfast since December 2014!

After a year of listening to my husband Kieran talk constantly about CrossFit and see how dedicated he had become to his training, I finally decided I needed to see what this CrossFit stuff was all about. So in November 2014 I visited CrossFit Belfast on their first day of opening and tried out their taster session. After previously spending all my time on a spin bike I hadn’t squatted in quite a while so to say over the next 48 hours I was sore was an understatement! But I knew from that day I wanted to give CrossFit a go and cancelled my membership even before I had completed my induction course.

Within weeks I was hooked, I found it refreshing yet tough at the same time. It was all new to me but I love the fact that when I go to each class I learn something new and I’d never experienced that before in any other gym. I know it’s cliche but it has changed me in many ways even after such a short period of time. I want to push myself and get better at things that I thought I’d never be able to do especially with a dodgy back and lungs lol.

I must confess that CrossFit should come with a warning sign saying, ‘CrossFit is addictive’, as I often find myself sitting up until after midnight to check out the next day’s WOD and watching CrossFit Games until the wee small hours!

I don’t know whether it’s a combination of the type of exercise and I definitely think before I eat these days after the Whole30 Challenge but my mind is definitely clearer and I’m more focused.

I’m excited about the new challenges that I’ll face in CrossFit, it’s one place where you will never stop learning no matter how long you’ve been doing it and you can certainly test how far you can push yourself both mentally and physically!

The set-up in CFB is great, Jenna and Niall are such lovely, friendly and devoted people and so are all the other members. I now understand why Kieran called the people he worked out with his friends. I have chatted more to these people in 3 months than I did in 7 years in my old gym because it’s just that type of place where everyone does their best and wants the best for others around them.

When I was first shown the Wodify app, I was like I’ll never use that - how wrong was I, within minutes of finishing my workout I’ve my scores recorded and it’s great to see the progress I am making when I look back.

I think the only people that may regret me starting CrossFit are my work colleagues as I’ve them tortured, recently every Friday morning (during the open) they are forced to watch Castro announce the 15. whatever workout lol, but hey they too have learnt something new, they can all now do a burpee!

Congratulations Leisa keep up the good work!

If you're interested in starting your CrossFit Journey with us please get in touch or follow this link to book our next foundations course, starting Monday 23rd March

Team CFB

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