CFB Member Profile, Hannah Addley

Hannah Addley, member of CrossFit Belfast since December 2014.

CrossFit Belfast opened up at just the right time for me. I was stuck in a gyming rut, pounding the time away on a machine on my own or lifting the same weights with minimal improvement….and most of all missing a bit of chat!

I came from a background in rowing and so had been very accustomed to following an intense training programme….a programme that was made much more bearable and enjoyable because of the fantastic crew mates and coaches I trained with.

So when I gave up the rowing I found it hard to adjust - I really missed having a programme to get myself to the gym for, I missed the competitive aspect and most of all I missed training with teammates and the craic that comes with that.

Thankfully I have found all of this at CrossFit Belfast . It’s such a varied programme so it’s impossible to get bored and the workout challenges at the end of each class satisfies my craving for a bit of healthy competition as you take on the clock!

Jenna and Niall are a coaching dream team – right from my first foundation class they have been incredibly welcoming and encouraging and everyone is catered for in the classes. No matter what your level of fitness everyone trains together and reaps the same benefit. But what I love most about this Box is the atmosphere and community here. It really is like one big team, everyone gets stuck in and pushes each other on. There will always be a workout that you particularly struggle with….but that’s fine. Everyone gets behind you and gets you through it and the sense of achievement you get when you complete something you didn’t think you were capable of is great. Even in the 6.30am classes the atmosphere is pumped! Training alongside the advanced members and seeing the things they can do inspires me to keep coming back and keep plugging away at trying to master the basics!

I always said when I joined up that I wouldn’t become a CrossFit geek….but I think it’s fair to say I’m fairly obsessed! Every week I see small improvements in mobility and strength and I’m excited to see how things will develop. My only regret is not signing up and getting to know these guys sooner!

Thanks for your kind words Hannah, keep up the great work!!!

Team CFB

Stay Fit
Stay Strong
Stay Healthy


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