Sunday Reading 4-10-2015, Goal Setting

Something we would like all our members to have a real think about ahead of us installing the new goals and achievements board in the gym... Set yourself SMART goals.  Let us and the rest of team CFB help you achieve them !  Any questions on this article please ask...  Stay Fit, Stay Strong, […]

Rumble in the Jungle III

It's a little late but i guess better than never...! I don't know where to start with this and I'm sorry if I miss anything out as I don't usually post much online but I'll do my best! The best way to describe the last few months would be "roller-coaster".  Anyone from CrossFit Belfast, our […]

Nutrition Plans – Eating to match your goals, 29-07-2015

Over the next few months we will be trying to put more of an emphasis on healthy eating and eating to match your CrossFit goals. There are many different ideologies out there concerning nutrition, whether it's Paleo, counting calories counting macro-nutrients or a point system. We will be advising you on what we believe is […]

Kathy’s Story, 22-07-2015

I was never much of an athlete in school, P.E was far from my favourite subject but as I got older and the puppy fat wasn't so cute, I began to run with my sister.  I also ate less food as I believed to lose weight I had to starve.  I did lose weight but […]