Nutrition Plans – Eating to match your goals, 29-07-2015

Over the next few months we will be trying to put more of an emphasis on healthy eating and eating to match your CrossFit goals. There are many different ideologies out there concerning nutrition, whether it's Paleo, counting calories counting macro-nutrients or a point system. We will be advising you on what we believe is […]

Kathy’s Story, 22-07-2015

I was never much of an athlete in school, P.E was far from my favourite subject but as I got older and the puppy fat wasn't so cute, I began to run with my sister.  I also ate less food as I believed to lose weight I had to starve.  I did lose weight but […]

CrossFit Mum Julie Trainor, Testimonial 14/07/2015

I have been a member of CrossFit Belfast for almost 6 months and I am actually amazed at the difference it has made to my life already. I have always had problems with my lower back and pelvis since I had pelvic arthropathy during my pregnancy with my son Joshua who is now five years […]