CFB Member Profile, Kiley MacLeod

Kiley MacLeod, member since May 2015. The first time I had ever heard of “Crossfit” was when a gym opened up right across from my house back in Tyler, Texas, USA. Whenever they were outside, I would catch glimpses of these people doing these insane workouts while having huge grins on their faces and laughing. […]

“Get Kris 2 Carson” Charity WOD

Open Workout Fundraiser to help get Kris 2 Carson!! Teenage sensation Kris Simsons from 2.0 Strength & Conditioning (CrossFit Unlaoisd) has qualified for The CrossFit Games 14-15 teens division! In true CrossFit style on Friday 26th June we will see our community across the country rally together and help raise much needed funds for Kris […]

Athlete of the Month, June 2015, Heather Causer!

Team CFB would like to give a special mention to Heather Causer.. "Little Miss Sunshine"! Heather is first to encourage other people in class and is always happy to offer a helping hand.  You never see Heather without her trademark smile and bubbly personality (even first thing in the morning in 6.30am class)! lol We […]

CFB Member Profile, Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford, Mortgage Adviser, Mark Crawford Financial. Member of CrossFit Belfast since January 2015 I grew up participating in lots of sports and would have been relatively fit throughout my school years.  I went to commercial gyms from the age of 19 but would lose interest quickly so would only really attend for about 3 […]